The best way to contact me is probably by email: my domain is and my username is my real first name. Or my real last name. Both work.

Instant Messaging

I have accounts with the various instant messaging systems. I use AIM more than the others, but I can occasionally be found on ICQ, Yahoo! or MSN.
AIM: teiris13 *If I am offline, AIM messages will go directly to my cell phone as a text message.
ICQ: 1275981
YIM: dizzy13
MSN: my hotmail address – username: tsumetai_hana

I also have gmail and can do the jabber thing with that address. Username: tsumetaikaze


I play a good deal of WoW these days, so if you’re inclined that way, you can usually find me on the Staghelm server. Send mail or whispers to Ailynna (H) or Heavenlight (A).

I used to play FFXI on the Fairy server and my account is still active, though I haven’t played for a long time. If and when I do play, my avatar is Aieri.

An adventurer is Aieri in the Kingdom of Loathing, and I recently started playing Monsters Game as Serianna on World 3 [ Click here to be bitten 😉 ].

Places on the web

My personal domain is I also run and I am a domain addict. I run three fanlistings: Risky, Finally Woken, and What’s Another Day?.
I’m on deviantArt at I’m on livejournal at (though I don’t keep a journal there – I only registered so I could keep track of a couple of friends). I’ve been told I need to get a myspace account. I will. Someday. Maybe.


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