Susan Stevens is a 27-year-old graphic designer from Las Vegas. She is addicted to collecting domains, blogs, web accounts and the like – how nice of WordPress.com to enable her. 😉

She grew up in Elmhurst, IL and moved to Las Vegas in 1993, where she has lived since. She would give a lot to move to San Francisco, but sadly finds it economically infeasible at this time.

Her interests change on a daily basis, but currently include playing video games, amateur photography & making chainmaille jewelry. (Despite playing video games, she has never stolen a car or killed a hooker. She thinks people who believe that sort of thing are stupid.)

Despite her choice of nickname, she is not japanese. She does, however, love the song Tsumetai Hana by the Brilliant Green.

She has no idea why she typed her bio in third-person point of view, other than it amused her to do so.


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